Geeky Gamer Responsible For Internet Outage, Not Russia

The person responsible for shutting down large parts of the US internet in October was a disgruntled gamer, and not a Russian operative.  Dale Drew, chief security officer for Level 3 Communications, told a Congressional panel that the geeky hacker had rented time on a botnet in order to launch the attack. reports: Using a powerful malware known as Mirai, the attacker harnessed some 150,000 “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices such as cameras, lightbulbs and appliances to overwhelm the systems of Dynamic Network Services Inc, or Dyn, which operates a key hub in the internet, according to Drew. The so-called distributed denial of service attack jammed up traffic routing the Dyn’s servers to major websites like Amazon, Twitter and Netflix for hours before the attack could be overwhelmed. “We believe that in the case of Dyn, the relatively unsophisticated attacker sought to take offline a gaming site with which it had a personal grudge and rented time on the IoT botnet to accomplish this,” he said. Drew did not identify the gaming site but The Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the attack, said it was the PlayStation network. At the time, there were worries that a foreign […]

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