Washington’s and Kiev’s Nazi Sympathizers: Is There a Lesser Evil

It has recently been reported that the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly approved a draft resolution directed against the glorification of Nazism and racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance. The resolution expresses concern about the fact that in a number of countries, famed Nazi movement leaders and former members of the SS are honored, and monuments to fighters against fascism are demolished or subjected to desecration. The document calls on states to pass legislation prohibiting the denial of crimes against humanity and war crimes during the Second World War. One may notice that a total of 131 countries supported this resolution draft, while 48 states, including UN Member States have abstained. The United States was one of three countries to vote against the UN resolution, while Ukraine and Palau were the other no votes.

The US and Ukraine have been repeatedly voting against all sorts of UN resolutions against the glorification of Nazism, which would protect the monuments erected to honor those who gave their lives in a bid to fight Nazism from being desecrated. Even though the UN member states have been trying to take measures to prevent the denial of despicable war crimes that were committed during the Second World War, all of their attempts fall flat. All of the drafts have been expressing the international community’s deep concern about the glorification of any form of the Fascism movement in any form, that is now taking place in some Baltic states, the Ukraine and some European countries. As you must now, Ukraine fell the victim of a pro-Western government coup that resulted in fascist forces taking all power in the country, which resulted in the enforced worship of Ukrainian Third Reich collaborators, which are now being worshiped in monuments, while Ukrainian streets and civilian objects are now being called with their names.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that such a government would vote against the above mentioned UN resolution. As for the ruling elite of the United States, they are acting under the guise of various diplomatic excuses, without directly admitting their “warm” attitude towards all sorts of Fascists. However, one could easily clarify the position of the United States, if he’s to take a look at a string of publications in various international media. Back in 2010 the French journal L’Express would release a report that was of the Office of Special Investigations (OSI) that was officially…

Source: New Eastern Outlook

Washington’s and Kiev’s Nazi Sympathizers: Is There a Lesser Evil

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