America’s Supposed “Enemies” Are Literally Disappearing…But They Won’t Likely Gently Fade Away

China, Russia, and Iran seem to be the most frequently mentioned state level "enemies" of America (not my view but that of the federal government). This article offers a different reason why these nations likely fear America, why America may need to fear them, and why they may band together in WWIII… all in under five minutes. To start, we should understand our "enemies" better.  First, there are about 1.6 billion persons living in these 3 countries (1.38 billion in China, 144 million in Russia, & 80 million in Iran).

According to UN data, these combined nations are essentially at their total population zenith (absolute top in 2025) and then the depopulations will be underway for decades (chart below).  By 2100, the UN medium variant estimate suggests their combined population will have fallen over 25% or declining in excess of 450 million inhabitants. This is nothing new or anything associated with recent events…the fertility rates in these nations have been declining for decades (chart below).  All three nations have converged somewhere around 1.6 children per female, below the natural replacement rate of 2.1 and well below the global average of 2.5. Their total combined population is about to peak, but their populations of young peaked long ago and have already collapsed.  Since peaking in 1975, the combined population of young in these nations has consistently fallen.  It is now down by 30% or a decline of 130 million fewer young (0-15yrs/old) today than 40 years ago (chart below).  The decline in young is estimated to continue by another 60 million by 2050, if current trends persist (this would be nearly a 50% decline).

As for the 15-40yr/old population (chart below), it peaked in 2005 and has already declined in excess of 65 million (about the same number of total deaths incurred globally during WWII…just for some scope).  The declines already seen in the young population will work through the 15-40 young adult population with a likely fall of nearly another 200 million by 2050. What is so significant about the declines of this 15-40yr/old population?  Only this segment can bear children…as this population is in decline, even an increase (unlikely as it is) in the fertility rate wouldn't be able to offset the declining total number of potential mothers.  A de-populationary loop is underway. And then the 40+yr/old population which will continue to skyrocket until it's zenith somewhere around 2040 (chart below). The chart below pulls…

Source: ZeroHedge

America's Supposed "Enemies" Are Literally Disappearing…But They Won't Likely Gently Fade Away

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