Istanbul Nightclub Shooting: Statements, Allegations, and Lack of Verifiable Evidence

With Turkey’s media having largely been reduced to State propaganda machines, journalists too intimidated to speak on the record, officials to even speak off the record to journalists, all that there remains is to summarize the statements and allegations floated by “official” sources, while underpinning the fact that no independently verifiable evidence about the shooting at the Reina night club in Istanbul New Year’s night has been made available to any media. Turkey’s Foreign Ministry stated, among others, that “a foreign intelligence service” must have been involved because the shooting required detailed planning. No foreign country or intelligence service was specifically mentioned.

Early allegations also focused on Kurds, especially the PKK and at networks around Fetullah Gülen, who is resident in the USA, and known for close ties to US, NATO and Turkish intelligence networks. Police has since then detained suspects in the province after allegedly determining that three families with alleged connections to the Reina nightclub attacker, who is believed to be from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), moved there from the Central Anatolian province of Konya right after the attack. Prior to that it was claimed that an alleged ISIL militant allegedly using the nom du guerre “Ebu Muhammed Horasani” resided in Konya before allegedly moving to Istanbul to stage the attack.

Authorities allegedly also determined that the attacker had connections to the aforementioned three families in the province. Their houses were raided and fake passports and objects used in war zones, including cartridge belts, were allegedly found in searches conducted in three houses. No evidence was provided to the press, no independent verification was possible, no independent witnesses allowed while the houses were ransacked – a detail that would be considered as a right in most countries that appreciate civil rights – even though “the new normal” with states of emergency in France, for example, also slowly but steadily undermines judicial principles for which people have paid in blood and imprisonment. Purportedly newly emerged details, it is claimed by unnamed law enforcement officers, show that the key figures of the jihadist group were among those detained in the province. Some of the detainees allegedly had personal contact with the alleged ISIL militant or had knowledge of the attack beforehand. It has previously been claimed that the attacker boarded a bus in Konya to travel to Istanbul and that he was with one of ISIL’s “emirs,” “Yusuf Hoca,” on Dec. 15, 2016. According to…

Source: NSNBC International

Istanbul Nightclub Shooting: Statements, Allegations, and Lack of Verifiable Evidence

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